The inept man

Several months ago, I came across a quote that has become central to the way I view life as well as craft. The quote, 「不器用の一心に勝る名人なし」(西岡常一)roughly translates to “the inept man who shows wholehearted dedication will be surpassed by not even the most skill master”. People who find skills easy to obtain without facing much adversity tend to […]

Progress on the plates

With much of my fall work behind me, it is time to get back to woodworking. Before winter sets in, I want to get as many pieces into the final stages of the finishing. This is reflection from last year when I spent many a cold day wet sanding in the outside sink. This year, […]

Rice harvest 2019

As fall fully sets in, it was once again time to harvest the rice. I take the old fashioned approach to harvesting my rice. These days, almost everyone uses a combine for the harvest because it is so easy and fast. Growing rice in Japan is much like growing grain in the US, it is […]

Progress and an unusual request

This week, I sorted through my plates and applied the first coat of lacquer. Most people sand the woodwork before applying any finish. I did this for a number of years but have taken a different approach since last year. When attending a woodworking exhibition at the local art museum, I happened to be just […]

Hooked on platters

As a new challenge, I have been making quite a few platters and trays recently. They are truly much harder than they look. In addition to the false flat bottom, it is quite difficult to create a nice flowing curve with no kinks to bumps. I am yet to make any masterpieces, but I am […]