Rice harvest 稲刈り

We harvested rice yesterday!


First, set up the rice-drying rack. Hanging the rice on this rack to dry the grain is the traditional method. Most people don’t do it anymore; they use a combine harvester to reap and thresh at the same time. But drying the grain under the sun makes the rice taste better, and we harvest our rice this day every year.


Our friends came to help us.


The binder reaps and binds the rice. Picking up those rice bundles and hang them on the rack is the hard work.


Thanks to everyone’s hard work…


Rice harvest is done!


I didn’t work in the rice paddy because I overused my arm when I worked in the front yard a while ago and it still hurts. Instead of working outside, I stayed inside and made pizza for lunch.


The picture is a bit blurry, but Luly enjoyed sleeping in our bed last night😽


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