Blueberry bagels ブルーベリーベーグル

I baked blueberry bagels the other day. As I mentioned before, there was no bakery when we moved here 10 years ago. There is one in town now and it’s only 15 minutes drive, but they don’t sell bagels. So if I wanted bagels, either drive for an hour to get to a bakery that sells bagels, or order frozen bagels online. Of course I bake them myself! It’s the easiest and fastest choice.

先日ブルーベリーベーグルを焼きました。以前も書いたけれど、10年前ここに引っ越してきた時、町内にパン屋さんはなかったのです。今は車で15分のところに1軒ありますが、そこにベーグルは置いていません。つまりベーグルを買うなら、車で1時間かけて別のパン屋さんに行くか、 ネットで冷凍のベーグルを注文するか、という選択肢しかないのです。まぁ焼くよね、それなら。

Bagel dough ベーグル生地

My sister got me a bag of dried blueberries. We have blueberry bushes in the garden, but didn’t get any fruits this summer unfortunately.


Sometimes I let it rise too long, so I was very careful this time. I let it rise for about 25 minutes at room temperature.


Boil plenty of water in a pot and add one tablespoon of honey. Then, boil the bagel dough for about 30 seconds each side.


今気づいたけれど、この工程はなぜ日本語で「ケトリング」と呼ぶの? 「茹でる」は英語で「boil」だし、「ケトリング」の語源である「ケトル(kettle)」は「やかん」という意味なのに(「鍋」は「pot」である)。仲間といえば仲間だけれども(熱湯つながり)。

Ta-dah! Fresh baked blueberry bagels!

じゃじゃーん! 焼きたてブルーベリーベーグルです。

Dave likes bagels from Barry Bagels in Ohio, and bagels are one of the things he misses the most. My bagels are not as good as theirs at all, but this is the best he can get here in Japan! Dave doesn’t usually comment on the food I cook, either good or bad; however, based on the fact that he ate TWO bagels that night, I guess they were good enough.



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