Fresh start! ブログ再開

Hi! I’m Dave’s wife and I will write about our daily life here in the countryside of Japan.

We moved here 10 years ago, when our son was 5 month old. Dave had been wanting to grow his own rice, and that is the main reason why we moved here.

We have a rice paddy and a vegetable garden. We also have blueberry bushes, plum trees and persimmon tree. We are not completely self-sufficient, but we like to grow our food and cook meals from scratch.




I started baking bread 10 years ago because back then there was no bakery in town. I liked the fresh bread from bakeries and not those in a plastic bag from grocery stores. So if I wanted to eat fresh bread, I had to learn how to bake, and that’s what I did!

Living in a countryside is inconvenient, but I kind of like the inconvenience. Inconvenience made me learn new skills, like baking, and be more creative. I have been always good with my hands and liked making things, which worked well with my life here.

引っ越してきた10年前、近くにパン屋さんがありませんでした。スーパーで売っているビニール袋に入ったパンじゃなくて、パン屋さんで売っている焼き立てのパンが食べたい。それなら自分で作るしかない! こうしてわたしはパンを焼くようになったのです。


I’ll be posting our country living, including farming, baking, knitting and sewing, along with woodworking.

I will definitely post lots of pictures of our other family members, so let me introduce them.



Luly/ ルリ

This is Luly. Luly was born in May 2005. At 16 years old, he is getting weaker, unfortunately, but he has been with us almost from the beginning of our marriage, and is an important part of our life.


Momo (left) and Coco (right)/ モモ(左)とココ(右)

Momo and Coco are new here. These girls were born in April this year, and came to live with us when they were 3 week old.


The day when they became our family/ モモココが我が家に来た日
Oh they were so tiny!/ なんて小さかったの~
Used to be a dog person turned into a cat person/ 犬派から改宗して猫派になりました

This is all for today. See you next time!


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