Progress on the plates

With much of my fall work behind me, it is time to get back to woodworking. Before winter sets in, I want to get as many pieces into the final stages of the finishing. This is reflection from last year when I spent many a cold day wet sanding in the outside sink. This year, […]

Rice harvest 2019

As fall fully sets in, it was once again time to harvest the rice. I take the old fashioned approach to harvesting my rice. These days, almost everyone uses a combine for the harvest because it is so easy and fast. Growing rice in Japan is much like growing grain in the US, it is […]

Progress and an unusual request

This week, I sorted through my plates and applied the first coat of lacquer. Most people sand the woodwork before applying any finish. I did this for a number of years but have taken a different approach since last year. When attending a woodworking exhibition at the local art museum, I happened to be just […]