Chili for dinner/ チリコンカン

I found “chili con carne seasoning” at the store the other day. Chili is not very popular in Japan, especially in the countryside, and it had been so long since the last time Dave and I had chili. So we decided to try it.

先日スーパーで「チリコンカンシーズニング」を見つけました。初めて見た! アメリカでは何度か食べたことがあるけれど、日本ではあまり一般的ではないですよね。特にこんな田舎で。久しぶりに食べてみようということになり、シーズニングを買ってみました。

I added green peppers and red peppers from our garden to the stir fried ground beef & pork and onions.


(Luly is waiting for me to feed him/ ごはんを待っているルリ)

I also added this hot pepper from our garden. I think this is called guajillo, and it is not supposed to be very spicy.


Dave and our son are enjoying growing several kinds of hot peppers this summer. I think they have at least 5 or 6 different hot peppers in our garden. I don’t know why they decided to grow so many hot peppers because they don’t even like spicy food! I am the only one who sprinkles hot pepper flakes on everything. My son said they are growing these hot peppers for me, but there is more than enough for just one person!!!


When the peppers are cooked, I added the chick peas, pinto beans, canned tomatoes and and the seasoning.


I never thought chili was healthy, but it has beef & pork, onions, green and red peppers, tomatoes and beans. It is perfect nutrition-wise!


We didn’t have a lot of food at home that day, so the dinner was only the chili and baguette (fresh baked) and nothing else. Boys seemed to like it very much, so I’ll cook chili again sometime soon while we have green peppers in the garden!


I smelled something spicy, human! 何か辛い匂いがしましたけどー!

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